About California Shopping Cart Retrieval

Fast, Cost-Effective Cart Retrieval

The California Shopping Cart Retrieval Company (CSCRC) was formed in 1993 to create a professional, efficient means of returning shopping carts to grocery stores in Southern California after they are removed from store property. Since then, it has grown its customer base to include all retail sectors and expanded service areas to California and Nevada.  The Corporation also contracts with over twenty-five municipalities and counties to retrieve shopping carts.  CSCRC is dedicated to providing fast, cost-effective cart retrieval to its customers and provides value-added inventory control and reports for its customers so they can monitor costs in real time.  All of its contractors and sub-contractors are insured and licensed to manage risk.  CSCRC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the California Grocers Association (CGA).

To report a lost cart, simply,
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