Shopping Cart Retrieval FAQ's

Shopping Cart Retrieval Service Questions

Common Questions

Please review the questions below to find answers to common questions about abandoned shopping cart retrieval services. If you have a question that is not below please feel free to ask your question here.

Retail Customer Questions

If you are interested in finding out about CSCRC's cart retrieval services, please contact Director of Operations Brian Raymond at 818-563-3070 or braymond@cscrc.net.

No. We provide cart retrieval services to many small retailers.  Keep in mine that we only return shopping carts that are owned by a retailer.  In addition, if you have a large pedestrian customer base and very few carts, there may not be enough carts available to ensure that your customers have a ready supply of carts at all times.

No.  We can provide cart retrieval services to your company with simple forms that gives us your billing information and authorization to pick up your carts.  Some state laws require our drivers to have a letter of authorization from the retailer that allows us to have your carts in our possession.

We can provide cart retrieval services to any retailer that owns shopping carts throughout our service areas.

CSCRC provides the best, affordable and professional cart retrieval services in the industry.  We do not provide auxillary services like repair or sale of new or used shopping carts or disposal of old or damaged carts.  We do provide cart transfers for our customers.  If you would like a quote for cart transfers, please contact Director of Operations Brian Raymond at 818-563-3070 or braymond@cscrc.net.

Reporting Shopping Carts

We pick up shopping carts in most cities and towns throughout California. We pick up shopping carts for all of our retail customers. For cities where we have a contract, we generally pick up all carts found in the public right-of-way. 

We service many of the retailers in Bakersfield. There is no charge for reporting abandoned shopping carts to CSCRC. However, we can only retrieve carts for those retailers with which we have a business relationship.

There is an updated list of our current retail and municipal customers on the Home Page pull down menu.

Anyone, from store employees to residents in a community can report shopping to CSCRC.

Unfortunately, we are unable to remove shopping carts from private property unless we have the express permission of the property owner. 

In high traffic areas, carts are usually removed within 48 hours. In remote areas or low traffic neighborhoods, it may take a bit longer. If you report the location to us, we can dispatch the location to one of our contractors right away.

We don't charge for retrieving abandoned shopping carts for our member retailers. We happen to service many of the retailers in Anaheim.

We can pick up those carts that belong to our member retailers. Just report the locations using our "Report A Lost Cart" link at our home page.

We service many of the retail stores in San Diego and Spring Valley.

Its costs nothing to report an abandoned shopping carts to CSCRC. We earn revenue from member retailers and some cities with whom we contract.

You can always call our toll-free cart location reporting number at 800-252-4613 to report a cart location. 

We pick up abandoned shopping carts for all Fresh & Easy locations and many, but not all, Trader Joes stores. You can call our toll-free phone number at 800-252-4613 to find out if a specific store is in our program.

CSCRC tries to retrieve as many abandoned shopping carts as possible, while respecting the rights of individuals (e.g., indigent individuals) who may have left their personal property in a cart. If an individual is in possession of a cart, we ask for, but do not demand the cart so that we can return it to the proper owner. If a cart is unattended and has only a small amount of (non-personal) trash in the basket, our drivers put the trash in a bag and retrieve the cart. If it appears that an indigent person has belongings in a cart, we leave the cart in place and report it to local authorities. 

The CartSnap company is working on an Android version of the app now. We hope they have that ready in the near future. Thanks.

CSCRC does not forcibly remove abandoned shopping carts from homeless persons. Recent court decisions require that any government agency or cart owner follow certain protocols to ensure that a homeless person's personal belongings are not destroyed and are preserved so that a person can retrieve them in a reasonable manner. We do not have resources to do this so we can only retrieve such carts that are released to us by a proper public safety entity or voluntarily by a person in possession of an abandoned cart. 

Normally, CSCRC strives to pick up a shopping cart within 24 hour hours of receiving the location from the public. In certain areas where we don't patrol daily, it may take slightly longer. 

We do not currently have the resources to send out notifications to residents when a cart has been picked up. We are working on technologies which may allow us to do so in the future. 

We currently operate throughout California, the Las Vegas metropolitan area and Western Oregon.

If a abandoned shopping cart belongs to one of our retail or municipal customers, CSCRC will usually dispatch a driver to pick up the cart within 24-48 hours.  In a few remote areas, it may take awhile longer to pick up the reported cart.  If a cart does not belong to one of our customers, we are not legally allowed to pick up the cart and you should contact the store owner or public works department of your city or county. 

CSCRC only picks up abandoned shopping carts for our retail or municipal customers.  We are not authorized to pick up carts for non-customers.  In some high pedestrian areas, a cart may have been picked up already but another cart has been left in the same location. 

No.  CSCRC collects payment from its retail or municipal customers. It will not cost you anything to report an abandoned cart location to us.

Please refer to our list of retail customers to determine whether we service a particular retailer.

CSCRC currently contracts with the following local jurisdictions to pick up abandoned shopping carts:

California-Alhambra, Anaheim, Arcadia, Azusa, Citrus Heights, Corona, Downey, La Mesa, Long Beach, Los Angeles County, Monrovia, Ontario, Orange, Oxnard, Palmdale, Paramount, Pomona, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, Rosemead, San Gabriel, San Juan Capistrano, Santa Barbara, Ventura, Victorville, West Covina, Westminster.

Nevada-Clark County.

CSCRC works with many apartment managers to coordinate the pick up of shopping carts that were used and abandoned by residents.  Please have your property manager call Director of Operations Brian Raymond at 818-563-3070 or braymond@cscrc.net to find out how we can help keep your complex free of abandoned carts.

IT Support

For questions about CSCRC's website or other online properties, please contact CSCRC Vice President Matthew Dodson at 818-563-3070 or mdodson@cscrc.net.


If your state is not listing in the pull-down menu, then our company does not currently service that region.

Depending on the neighborhood (urban vs. remote), the volume of carts that generally get onto the streets in that area and the density of our member retail stores, carts are picked up anywhere from a few hours to a few days after reporting it to us. 

We rarely have job openings for staff positions at CSCRC. However, you can send a resume to mdodson@cscrc.net and we will keep it on file if something with your qualifications becomes available. Our contractors often need motivated drivers. If you are interested, please send us your contact information and we will pass it on to the contractor in your area.

Retail businesses lose money when shopping carts are stolen. if you have evidence of a crime, you should report it to the appropriate police department in your community. 

To report a lost cart, simply,
click the big red button below.