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A ready supply of shopping carts is an absolute necessity to operate a successful retail business. Shopping carts are at risk from a variety of sources, including: pedestrian customers, consumers of nearby businesses, retail competitors and recyclers.  As the nation's leading cart recovery service, CSCRC is well positioned to address these threats. We offer a variety of retrieval options to tailor-fit the needs of each of our clients. We currently service over 4,000 stores, from national chains to mom-and-pop stores and over 25 municipalities and counties. Our economy of scale and automated reporting systems mean we can charge less while providing professional, dependable service. We employ on-site field agents with extensive backgrounds in retail loss prevention, law enforcement and customer service. Their collective experience in cart retrieval provides CSCRC a unique advantage over industry competition.  Our dedicated staff of 13 represents decades of experience in business management, customer service, loss prevention and government relations.

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