Testimonial Details

Tim Mitchell, Ralphs Grocery

January 7, 2011


It is my pleasure to recommend the cart retrieval service of California Shopping Cart Retrieval Corp.  During the last two years, I have worked directly with David Reid, President of California Shopping Cart Retrieval Corp.  The company offers top-notch service, and rates.  Across the board, we are very happy with their service.  David Reid has been very dependable, straightforward, and honest.  In the past year, our Company has had a issue with carts being stolen, and California Shopping Cart Retrieval has been a huge help with this.  They have worked with local police departments in trying to catch these criminals. In the past six months, they have retrieved my carts from stores that have illegally purchased Ralphs stolen carts.  The bottom line is that they go far and above what they are contracted to do for us when needed.  The best two words for this company are dependable and follow through.

Tim Mitchell

Ralphs Grocery Co.

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