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Randy Fidler, City of Bakersfield, Code Enforcement Officer

January 13, 2005


Please accept my appreciation for the supportive role your agency played on January 12, 2005 during a Code Enforcement Sweep for the abatement of abandoned shopping carts in a four square mile area of the City of Bakersfield.

Abandoned shopping carts constitute a nuisance, create potential hazards to the health and safety of the public and interfere with pedestian and vehicular traffic within the city.  The accumulation of wrecked, dismantled and abandoned shopping carts on public or private property tends to create conditions that reduce property values, promoting blight and deterioration in the city.

You and your staff were instrumental in the efficient and effective manner in which the project was conducted.  We appreciate your selfless efforts in assisting with the gathering of all carts including those belonging to businesses for which you do not have a contract.

As you know, approximately 200 abandoned shopping carts were recovered in the project area.  Of those, 175 were returned to the businesses.  The remaining carts were recycled.  Six citations were issued for unauthorized removal of shopping carts and removing items from trash containers and one citation was issued for a warrant suspect.

Randy Fidler

Chief Code Enforcement Officer

City of Bakersfield

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